Dafang Robot



In the next 5 years, the general direction of the construction industry has been set, 10 keywords!


Smart products help building renovation

Intelligent equipment efficiently completes 80% of construction work

Spraying operation

Grinding work

Painting work

Problem solving

Improve construction efficiency

The average speed is 5 to 10 times that of artificial.
Can work continuously for more than 20 hours a day

Fastest working speed
12 square meters of finish construction per minute
(720 square meters / hour)
6 square meters of wall polishing every minute
(360 square meters / hour)
2.4 square meters of putty per minute
(144 square meters / hour)
10 square meters of wall cleaning every minute
(600 square meters / hour)

Improve construction quality

Cement wall scraping putty
Batch scraping thickness can be controlled between 0.8~1.5mm
Automatically adjust according to the degree of wall flatness

Robot grinding accuracy
Up to 0.05 mm horizontal flatness
Automatically adjust according to the degree of wall flatness

Robot wall paint construction
Can specify the uniform thickness of the topcoat evenly
Accurately achieve a topcoat thickness of 0.1 mm each time,
Primer 1 time, topcoat 2 times, after construction is completed
The thickness is exactly 0.3 mm

Improve construction safety

Generous ground walking robot
Construction height can be automatically adjusted from 0 meters to 20 meters
No need to build scaffolding or use high altitude
Work platform

Generous spider robot
Can be carried out at an altitude of 20 meters to 100 meters
Internal and external wall construction
No need for people to use the basket to participate in aerial work

Generous robots can work in the following environments
Toxic, polluted
High altitude, high risk
High radiation environment
Without human participation

Realize industrial upgrading

Realize industrial upgrading

Reduce manual construction by more than 80%

Construction safety factor increased by 100%

For projects over 5 meters, construction costs are reduced by 200%

Manual workers are excessive to smart industry workers

Labor-intensive wall construction mode

Industrial upgrading to mechanization and automation upgrade

What are our advantages?

Traditional construction method

Dust and paint are harmful to human health

Construction quality is difficult to control

Working at height, the safety risks are big

Material waste is serious

Construction cycle relies heavily on workers

Labor costs are high

Intelligent construction method

Construction personnel are on duty remotely, away from health threats

Standardized construction, uniform quality

Automatic lifting of equipment, no aerial work

No waste of materials

Construction period is strictly controllable

Construction costs reduced by 80%