Intelligent wall finishing service provider

Shenzhen DaFang Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd. is committed to designing, developing, and producing building construction assistant AI products based on intelligent construction, low-speed self-driving, and machine vision, providing automation building finish construction services to Chinese and overseas customers.

The launched wall finishing robot with a number of patents, applying 3D graph technology and combining it with cloud computing and intelligent sensor technology, can replace the manual labor of wall sanding, plastering, skimming, spraying, and rolling paint.

The next generation robot will adopt the latest SCA(smart compliant actuator), autonomous visual driving, laser induction, autonomous painting, sanding and vacuum, and 5G navigation technologies, which will enter the construction co-robot era by improving the worksite environment and efficiency.

We are the Chinese leading intelligent construction provider and have applied for 99 patents and 9 software copyrights.

Our team is from Country Garden, Huawei, Telstra, Hezhong Group, and other intelligent equipment leading companies, with innovation and rich experience in equipment manufacturing, engineering, and Digital Image Processing technologies.

So far, our company has more than 100 million financings. The shareholders include GoldSand River Venture Capital, Kaiying Capital, Blue Ocean Ventures, Yunqi Capital, Entrepreneurship Workshop, Fanchuang Capital, Bridge Capital, etc.


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